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You are seen, listened to, felt, and discussed intimately in our Transformativ centres of wellness excellence. We dwell into deeply what are the ways that you are being in the world including your diet, thoughts, environment, conditions, states and are able to chart out a Transformativ course of action and giving you success metrics using our state of the art IoT technology. The root cause is found out with our Transformativ experts which is then evaluated on the mind, body and the spirit level. We believe you can transform yourself. We only bring the science, wisdom and the technology for it

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मन: (Mind)

Our minds are all we have and ever had. This is something which we don't realise when we are caught up in resolving our life's difficulties or areas which need improving like finding a life partner or looking for a career path. It doesn't seem obvious. But it is the truth and always is.
Your mind shapes up every experience of your life and it doesn't stop at adulthood.
Every relationship you have is also shaped up by our mind.
If you are perpetually angry or depressed or confused or unloving or have a fragmented attention, no matter how successful you become, you won't be able to enjoy it.
It thus makes sense to train your mind.


तन: (Body)

During most of our waking life, we feel that we have a body rather than we are the body.
Our bodies formed and we appeared. They are the temples we dwell in and we are them. They are the engines of life, the expressions of consciousness, the beauty of evolution and the elements of the stars. We need to take care of it, groom it, not only from the outside but from the inside too. We need to remove the toxins that we inhale, eat, touch, see, and hear. A healthy body is indeed a healthy mind.


विज्ञान: (Science)

When it comes to the matter of the spirit, we are always left between choosing between pseudo-spirituality and pseudo-science.
Although most philosophers and scientists develop a strong skill of introspection, it is still doubtful that some of these abilities even exist. But there is a connection between spiritual wisdom and scientific facts, and it is clearer than we thought.
That there are some well-established truths about the Human mind: Our conventional self is an illusion; positive emotions, such as patience, happiness and compassion and learnable skills and that the way we think – Our spirituality or our vitality perspective directly influences our experience in the world. We become enablers thus in integrating spirituality with science.

Our health IoT device uses your body’s aura through EDA (Electro dermal activity) and Pulse Oxymeter (Oxygen levels in the blood) and gives an accurate representation of your moods, states of mind, high and lows and plots this data which maps out more than 10 years of your life situations.






Transformativ centres of wellness excellence

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Pune, Bangalore, Delhi NCR

True Wellness of the atma (Soul), mana (Mind), tann (Body)

Transformation Stories




I enjoyed my stay at the Atmantan resort thoroughly. The environment is very relaxed and the staff professional. The Lonjeviti team really helped me co-ordinate this seamlessly and I feel great having come out of it.


K Deep


Our marriage was coming up and we wanted to look younger, so we went for the radiance therapies at Daivam. They are an excellent center of wellness and provided us these treatments with really good outcomes.




Everyone wants to live longer but nobody is pursuing the lifestyle. I consulted the longevity team at Daivam and corrected by eating, sleeping and walking patters to get back to my original circadian rhythm. The treatment evaluation and the process also is easy given you have guidance and Lemon are perfect at this.

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